Sunday, 30 October 2011

Saturday, 29 October 2011

Una Habitacion Con Vistas

Una Habitación con Vistas, una de las películas más románticas que he visto. La escena del beso en el campo toscano es inigualable. Me he tomado la libertad de elegir unos adornos para una mujer tan especial.
Viva el amor!
A Room with a View is one of the most romantic moovies I have ever seen. The scene of the kiss in the Tuscany countryside has no competitor! I have chosen some pieces for such a special woman. Love is wonderful!

Wednesday, 26 October 2011


One of the best feelings, a warm cup of tea.

Tuesday, 25 October 2011


I have these elastic bracelets in my new collection. They are made of natural stones with various adornments. I think they are casual and elegant.

Friday, 21 October 2011


I need to relax this weekend. Relaxing is good. Look at the necklace, the relaxed lace it has, so soft, pure natural silk, just a lace around the neck, relaxed and simple, but...elegant.

Thursday, 20 October 2011

Bath with Magic

I can imagine taking a bath with a pair of my new chic!

Wednesday, 19 October 2011


I am addicted to enveloppes, not stamps, but I loved the one with the elephant.

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

3 Posts Today

For many reasons today I realized how much I love my blog. And I decided to do the 3rd post. Are there any rules that say how many post one can write in a day??? I could go for the fourth easily, and the fith...
It just seems there is so much beauty out there. And inside?

After work...

More New

I am excited, tired and happy. New pieces are ready, I am taking photos and need some quiet time with my web (this is the hardest bit...). I kept thinking that a special piece is always a little treasure.

Monday, 17 October 2011


Necklace and flowers for Frida.

Sunday, 16 October 2011


I watched Aladdin, and I think this necklace goes well with the Princess.

Friday, 14 October 2011

Raw Materials

I discovered a fabulous store in Amsterdam called Raw Materials, a real paradise for those who love authentic stuff.... I have taken the freedom to add these earings, as I think they match totaly the style of the shop!