Friday, 31 December 2010

Be a Woman

I have spent some hours talking to my jewelry maker, I will go shortly to see him and keep on working on the new pieces for Verdeagua. I am really excited and really amazing pieces are going to be real soon. All is in my mind and my notebooks. To be a woman is marvellous , and to enjoy wearing a little pair of earings, or a ring, that is unique, hand made and that carries the the touch of feminity.

Hoy he pasado unas cuantas horas trabajando por teléfono con mi orfebre, y pronto iré a verle para seguir trabajando en los nuevos modelos de piezas Verdeagua. Estoy emocionada! Tengo todos los bocetos en mi cabeza y en mis cuadernos. Ser mujer es algo es algo maravilloso...

Open all the Windows

For the New Year that is starting in a few hours, what I want to wish in my blog, is for you to open all the windows, the one´s in your heart, in your mind, in your eyes and your ears. Make this year one where you take some time for you, and where you let the colors of life enter your heart. Be creative. It is going to be a wonderful one, I can feel it. The photo was taken a few years in Venice, and I love all the opened windows and the old bricks, the feeling that the old becomes beauty, and that there is so much to see out there.

Thursday, 30 December 2010


For years I have been into buying magazines that can help me to work and to open my mind to other designers and ideas. Magazines are a way of expression. Cote Sud, Marie Claire Maison, Habitania, Casa&Campo, Architectural Digest, Vogue, Living etc, vtWonen....and many more. These few are piling up in my studio and I find it hard to through away old issues. It is always such a pleasure to open the old issues (and the new ones of course). In a way is like travelling from your own sofa, or just sitting in a park, or in the metro.

Make Your Dreams

I do have a blog now, and my aim is to keep it going and active with ideas, inspirations and the small developments of my jewelry firm and therefore my world. For the New Year that is about to start, I want to wish you just one thing: Make your Dreams. It is the making what matters, the journey to achieve them. I trully believe that dreams can become true.

Ahora tengo un blog, cuyo objetivo es nutrirlo con ideas, inspiraciones y los pequeños avances de mi firma de alhajas. Para el Año nuevo que va a comenzar solo quiero desearos una cosa: Lucha por tus Sueños. Se trata del viaje que nos lleva a los sueños.

Sunday, 26 December 2010

Inspirational images...

Marrakech is unique, just a walk in the medina and there are hundreads of things that inspire me. A door, a window, a small patio with some pots of plants. And the best is to relax after in teh Riad and design and write.

My kids, my inspiration...

Being a mother has expanded my view to the world. These are mi kids, playing with roses and papers.